Basic Pranic Healing

Basic phPrerequisite – none
$350.00 + tax
(Repeat: $135

Course Outline

  • teaches the connection between the physical anatomy and the human energy system, ie. aura, chakras (energy centres)
  • increases sensitivity of the hands for scanning or sensing the energy level and condition of the aura and chakras
  • teaches techniques for healing the energy abnormalities underlying over 90 diseases
  • teaches techniques for self healing
  • distant healing
  • prosperity
  • universal laws governing our lives and actions
  • the powerful Twin Hearts Meditation (Meditation on Peace & Illumination)

Generally accelerating the natural healing process to 70% and more

Prerequisite -

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LONDONDec 16/1710am - 6pmAdam Springett
BRAMPTONJan. 13/1410am - 6pmAdam Springett
MONTREALJan 20/2110am - 6pmFaye Healey
OTTAWAFeb 3/410am - 6pmFaye Healey
TORONTOMar. 3/410am - 6pmAdam Springett
KITCHENERTBD10am - 6pmAdam Springett
TBD10am - 6pmFaye Healey

Advanced Pranic Healing

Advanced PHPrerequisite – LEVEL 1
$450.00 + tax
(Repeat: $160

Course Outline

  • teaches advanced techniques to access higher energy frequencies safely using colour pranas
  • advanced scanning techniques
  • detailed methods to work with more serious diseases
  • Powerful techniques to stimulate the immune system and to cleanse the blood and internal organs
  • effective methods of cell regeneration for rapid healing
  • methods of reprogramming diseased cells
  • accelerating the natural healing process to 70% faster again than through Basic Pranic Healing

Pranic Psychotherapy

psychotherapyPrerequisite – LEVELS 1 & 2
$400.00 + tax
(Repeat: $140

Course Outline

  • teaches techniques to heal compulsions/obsessions, addictions, depression/suicidal tendencies
  • teaches techniques to heal phobias, trauma, irritability, violent/paranoid behaviour, and hallucinations and other psychological issues
  • gives detailed procedures to stop smoking, alcohol and drug abuse
  • includes ways to clean adverse energies from foods, pets, homes, and objects
  • provides instructions to disintegrate or transmute negative psychic energies, cracks and other damage to chakras and negative, destructive patterns
  • relationship healing
  • greater understanding of the inner world and how it affects and influences us

Pranic Crystal Healing

crystalPrerequisite – LEVEL 3
$350 + tax
(Repeat: $135 incl tax)

Course Outline

Learn how to harness the power of one of Mother Earth’s precious gifts: crystals and gem stones. The science behind crystals healing as never been taught with such clarity and detail. You can use this to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity.

In addition, you will learn

  • how to:Determine the potency of a crystal
  • cleanse and purify crystals
  • increase your healing power with the proper use of crystals
  • disintegrate unwanted energies from your aura and chakras using special crystals
  • activate and revitalize your chakras with the use of extractors and activators
  • program and consecrate healing crystals
  • shorten your healing time
  • protect yourself from energy contamination

And much more…


Pranic Psychic Self Defence

Psychic-Self-Defense-1Prerequisite – LEVEL 3
$350.00 + tax
(Repeat: $135 incl. tax)

We live amongst a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which have beneficial effects on us.
PRANIC PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE teaches you how to utilize pranic energies to protect yourself, your loved ones, your clients, your belongings and more.

Course Outline

  • Closing the aura to prevent intrusions
  • Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how to protect yourself from them
  • Understanding factors that can weaken a shield
  • Placing a protective aura around your business to ensure prosperity
  • Utilizing holy objects for protection, empowerment and good luck
  • Practicing advanced psychic self-defense techniques, specifically helpful for healers and service providers
  • Multi-dimensional shielding for protection on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical planes
  • Remedial techniques when attacks already penetrated your energy fields
  • The power of Love
  • Safeguarding your children from preying entities of drugs and negative programming
  • How to find out the strength and integrity of your shields
  • Experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment
  • Learning why improper shielding could cause a person to think he or she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves

And much more …