About the Centre

The Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing, physically, is a studio exclusively used for individual sessions, classes and meditations. In a serene and scenic setting, the Centre is located in the tranquil and beautiful Niagara on the Lake.

But more than just a physical centre, it is a school/ association for MCKS Pranic Healing/Arhatic Yoga authorized under the Institute of Inner Studies, Inc. dedicated to the purity of the teachings with affiliated centres in London ON, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and growing.

We offer:

Pranic Healing courses
Individual healing sessions with certified practitioners
Free introductory lectures and demonstrations (also out of town invitations)
Support group for practitioners
Internship & certification programs
Regular weekly Twin Hearts Meditations for healing ourselves and the world
Full-moon meditations for health and global healing
Pranic Healing Books & CD’s
Arhatic Yoga Meditations

For Pranic Healing around the world, go to the official global website: www.globalpranichealing.com/