KRIYASHAKTI: The Science and Art of Materialization

Kriyashkti-3Prerequisite – LEVEL 2
$700 + tax

Course Outline

The Science of Creating Abundance

Understanding the universal laws underlying the materilization of your goals and petitions – or the lack of it – this course covers specific techniques to create abundance and materialize prosperity, relationships; and to concretize short and long term goals effectively – to understand obstacles and how to heal your life.

Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals.
Kriyashakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially as well as spiritually.

  • Learn to disintegrate self-sabotaging thought forms, prosperity guilt and poverty consciousness located in specific areas of your aura
  • Practice a special “Concretizing Meditation” to quickly and systematically precipitate a thought or idea into physical form
  • Learn the Principle of Moderation and The Science of Tithing and Entitlement

You will learn thoughout the course many Powerful Principles, practical and “Hands On” Techniques