Healing Sessions


A Pranic Healing™ session is conducted with the client seated on a chair, fully dressed.

Physical, emotional and psychological disorders manifest in our energy body as various specific energetic imbalances.

The practitioner ‘scans’ for the quality & quantity of energy in the client’s aura, chakras, meridians etc.  to find out the imbalances underlying the specific health concerns.

  • Pranic Healing is a non-touch healing modality working with prana/chi/ki
  • Pranic Healing accelerates the natural healing process
  • Special crystals and/or hands are used to remove the energetic imbalances and enhance the healing
  • Fresh prana is directed to the appropriate areas to support the body & mind towards rapid healing and/or relief
  • Clients are asked not to wear jewelry, silk, or leather including belts, shoes, and wallets

A full session usually takes between 60 –75 minutes.

An introductory clinic session is about 20 minutes in duration.



Certified Pranic Healing Practitioners are available for in-person sessions as well distant-healing sessions.

They have successfully treated clients all over Ontario and Quebec as well as overseas.

Clients have experienced improvement for a broad range of physical and emotional ailments, from stress and addiction to sprain, hypertension and MS; from stroke  to improved vision, enlarged prostate, difficulty conceiving to birthing support, anxiety, trauma, depression – just to name a few.

Pranic Facelifts or weight-loss programs are also included in the healing options.

*The number of sessions required will depend on the nature/severity of the ailment

Healing Sessions

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