Main Centre: Mississauga

Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing
2359 Royal Windsor Drive Unit 12 (2.floor)
Mississauga L5J 4S9


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Weekly Events:

All meditations are held online

  •  Wednesdays 7pm: TWIN HEARTS MEDITATION (open to all interested over 16 yrs.)
  • 1st Tuesday of the month MEDITATION ON THE SOUL (open to students who have taken the Achieving Oneness course/AY practitioners)
  • Tuesdays 7pm – ARHATIC MEETING (open to Arhatic Practitioners only)

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Monthly Support Group for All Level Pranic Healing Students – tba


About the Centre

Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing is a Wellness Centre and School for MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga authorized under the Institute of Inner Studies, Inc. dedicated to the purity of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Teachings with Centres/Groups in Ottawa, Toronto, London, ON, Kitchener, Montreal and growing.

We Offer:

  • Pranic Healing courses
  • Individual healing sessions with certified practitioners
  • Support group for practitioners
  • Internship & certification programs
  • Regular weekly Twin Hearts Meditations for healing ourselves and the world
  • Full-moon meditations for health and global healing
  • Arhatic Yoga Meditations
  • Pranic Healing Books & CD’s
  • Free introductory lectures and demonstrations (also out of town invitations)

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