Group: Toronto

Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre

344 Bloor Street West (at Spadina), Suite 610 (6th floor)
Toronto, ON M5S 3A7
Door code: 0610

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For more information, email:
(647) 886-0121


RSVP appreciated – Ariana

Followed by Pranic Healing Clinic 8pm – 9pm
Space is Limited – Make sure you book your session 24 hours in advance.

  • 15 minute Pranic Healing sessions with a Certified Pranic Healer – $25
  • 30 minute sessions – $35
  • 60 minute sessions – $60

Book a Pranic Healing Session with a Certified Pranic Healer:
Call Ariana Kantouri (647) 886-0121 or email )
For general info/query, email Antjie

MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUP (for Pranic Healing students only)
Monday of the month
Location: Transense
For more info, email Ariana

Food for the hungryFood for the Hungry Program (MCKS TO TH Food for Hungry)

Every month we distribute food packages and basic items to the homeless on the streets and various shelters in need. The bags are prepared and distributed by cheerful volunteers – and their kids.

This event is made possible by using some of the donations received from the Twin Hearts Meditation groups and from generous donors. For more information please email Ariana

Food for the Hungry