Spiritual Business Management

Spiritual Business management 2Prerequisite – LEVEL 1
$500 + tax
(Repeat: $190 tax incl)

Course Outline

This innovative, practical and well structured workshop – one of the latest courses put together by Master Choa Kok Sui – uses a revolutionary approach for the success and financial prosperity of your business, based on ancient spiritual and esoteric principles made relevant for the modern world.

Through understanding and the right uses of energy and spiritual laws, you will learn how to realize plans, projects, a positive organizational environment, increased employees’ well being, productivity and cooperation/harmony.

This course is not just about business or for people in business, but also for anyone who is interested in ‘life management’ – gaining deeper understanding of the challenges put before us and what to do about it.

You will learn about:

  • The practical knowledge of the Seven Rays
  • How to handle stress in work place
  • Spiritual empowerment resulting in dynamic strength, confidence and clarity of goals
  • Sharp and clear mind through special meditation
  • Clarity and understanding of Time Management