Introductions / Workshops


Pranic Healing is a technique that works with the energy field (through the auras, chakras, meridians) to alleviate acute/chronic illnesses and disorders (physical as well as psychological).

It is often compared to acupuncture without needles.

It is effective, precise and very easy to learn.

Its techniques and concepts have been practiced around the world, not only for healing illnesses but also to improve relationships, businesses and to deepen spiritual understanding independent of your religious background.

Pranic Healing is currently practised and taught in about 140 countries.

Please join us and find out about:

  • The background of Pranic Healing
  • The basic principles and concepts of Pranic Healing
  • Case studies using Pranic Healing
  • How Pranic Healing can be applied in your daily life to affect your health, relationships and business

This free workshop also includes:

  • The “Twin Hearts Meditation”
  • Open question and answer period
  • Pranic Healing demonstrations and opportunity to receive healing


If you would like to organize an Introduction for your group or Company please email us.