September 29 – October 1, 2023 in Niagara Falls, Canada

The Teacher, a Spiritual Gardener


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MCKS Arhatic Yoga Retreat

facilitated by Master Nona and Master Hector

September 29 – October 1, 2023


MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.1, Level 3.2

October 2, 2023

Note: To apply for your next MCKS Arhatic Level, please email to receive the MCKS Arhatic Yoga application
Prerequisite for MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1 is practicing MCKS Arhatic Preparatory for a min. of two years





Experience the sacred Arhatic ritual of deep purification by water.

Watch special videos of Master – only shown at MCKS Arhatic retreats – and gain deeper insight and understanding of the Teachings, Light, Love and Wisdom, and a greater connection with the I AM.

Join us and the Master Pranic Healers and MCKS Arhatic practitioners over two intensive days of inner transformation, purification, joy, healing on all levels, blissful meditations, priceless talks, fellowship, fun and laughter and so much more!




Master Nona Castro

Master Nona, a trusted ‘student’ of MCKS, and one of the 8 Pranic Healing masters who oversee various areas in the world.

She is head of Pranic Healing in Canada and South/Central America. She approaches her work with reverence and purity of the teachings, with clarity, efficiency and fun.

Master Nona travels the world, sharing the higher teachings of MCKS, imparting her knowledge of Pranic Healing, Spirituality, and Prosperity courses.


Master Hector Ramos

One of the 8 Pranic Healing Masters.

Master Hector is known for his warmth, ease, humour, mysticism and adherence to maintaining a high and pure standard of teaching.

Master Hector was privy in working close to MCKS in the early days when MCKS was compiling the Art and Science of Pranic Healing. He was in charge of the MCKS Pranic Healing Mission in India and he is now head of the Pranic Healing mission in Europe, and travels regularly to other parts of the world.



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