Healing Sessions


A Pranic Healing session is conducted with the client seated on a chair, fully dressed.

Physical, emotional and psychological disorders manifest in our energy body as various specific energetic imbalances.

The practitioner ‘scans’ for the quality & quantity of energy in the client’s aura, chakras, meridians etc.  to find out the imbalances underlying the specific health concerns.

  • Pranic Healing is a non-touch healing modality working with prana/chi/ki
  • Pranic Healing accelerates the natural healing process
  • Special crystals and/or hands are used to remove the energetic imbalances and enhance the healing
  • Fresh prana is directed to the appropriate areas to support the body & mind towards rapid healing and/or relief
  • Clients are asked not to wear jewelry, silk, or leather including belts, shoes, and wallets

A full session usually takes between 60 –75 minutes.

An introductory clinic session is about 20 minutes in duration.


Certified Pranic Healing Practitioners are available for in-person sessions as well distant-healing sessions.

They have successfully treated clients all over Ontario and Quebec as well as overseas.

Clients have experienced improvement for a broad range of physical and emotional ailments, from stress and addiction to sprain, hypertension and MS; from stroke  to improved vision, enlarged prostate, difficulty conceiving to birthing support, anxiety, trauma, depression – just to name a few.

Pranic Facelifts or weight-loss programs are also included in the healing options.

*The number of sessions required will depend on the nature/severity of the ailment


Most of our healing sessions are done through Distant Healing

An appointment is scheduled just like in-person session.

We then call the client before the start of the scheduled session to check in and exchange important information for the healing.

After the completion of the session we call back to check in and to give valuable tips to support the healing session.

If the client so chooses, the session can be conducted per Facetime, Zoom or Skype.


Pranic Healing is completely a non-touch technique.

The patient is fully clothed and is usually is in a seated position.

Optional – but it is beneficial to have a shower and gently scrubbing the body with sea or table salt (and rinsing it out) – prior to the session –

Make sure to have a quiet time by yourself with a minimum of distraction and relax in a seated position.

It is recommended to take off all jewelries and not to wear silk or leather and remove your wallet.

Just relax without any expectations – you might have some sensations during the session or not – this does not affect the healing.

The receptiveness of the patient accelerates healing. Babies and animals respond very well.