Hi Iryna, Thank you for doing such an outstanding job teaching all of us this weekend. You are a fantastic instructor, coach and teacher.
I also want to thank you for accepting my inner nerd. When I have a passion for a subject I ask a lot of questions and you were so patient with me.

Jeff N.

Namaste, Manisha! First, let me thank you again for the Basic Pranic Healing class last week. It was such a great class, with great energy and a talented and patient instructor! Many thanks and blessings.

P.C-T, Ottawa

Through regular practice of Pranic Healing I was able to stabilize and improve my health, my relationships, and success in my career.
Through regular Pranic Healing treatments and the help of naturopathy I am now free of food allergies.
Emotionally I was able to heal some negative emotions that have kept me stagnant, enhance clear thinking and communication and a deeper sense of awareness.

Kuntal Shah – Mississauga

The thought of a life without Pranic Healing seems absurd to me now.
Firstly I want pay my tribute to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and my gratitude to all my course instructors. Special thanks to Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing and Antjie for the courses, healing, nurturing, spiritual growth and everything else here in my new home in Canada.

Through Pranic Healing, I am blessed to be healed physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually.
My body is fully healed of chronic infection after appendicitis and from severe aches and pain. I miraculously lost almost 50 pounds of body weight in a year’s time.

Through the regular practice of Twin Hearts Meditation l have found the right job.
Pranic Healing has not only healed and empowered me to make a difference, it has made me a better person and continues to do so.

S.G. – Mississauga

Atma Namaste Manisha, I want to thank you for the Level 1 class you did two weeks ago. I appreciate it and you did a Great job. I found it really helpful to do it a second time. It strengthens some of the teachings and brought a better understanding on others.

MM, Montreal

Pranic Healing changed my life and made me a better person.
The best gift that I received through Pranic Healing is spirituality, a life ingredient that I was not aware I was missing.
With the teachings and tools provided by MCKS’s Pranic Healing, I was able to switch from a victim state of mind to a problem solver.

It helped me stop, in no time, my mother’s bleeding who is on blood thinners. It gave me tools to deal with her dementia and helped keeping my emotions and hers under control. Applying the teachings of Pranic Healing, my daughter gave birth in four hours to a perfectly healthy baby. Only after the event I realized that it was a true miracle on so many levels. So many things could have gone wrong with the thickened placenta and the umbilical cord wrapped twice around the baby’s neck.

We are blessed to have Antjie as our mentor and supervisor. She is very professional, passionate and caring.
What I love about her is her determination to keep MCKS’s teachings pure and true to the core when passing them down to her students.
I am thankful every day of my life to be part of the Pranic Healing family, with deep gratitude and respect,

Arety B. – Kitchener

I discovered Pranic Healing in 2017. I’m a very practical person and build a lot with my hands. When I first saw a book called “Your Hands Can Heal You” by Master Stephen Co I was intrigued to say the least! Once I finished that book I looked where to learn more and how to go deeper into understanding it. I was easily able to start feeling the energy in my hands but knew there was lots more to know! I got in touch with Antjie, founder of: Ontario Centre For Pranic Healing and started taking courses – one after another.

Well, a long story short is we use principles and techniques from Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga on a daily basis. From healing our young ones’ bumps or tummy aches to bringing peace and increasing our “luck”. It was a journey I never anticipated such rewards from!
Knowing what I and my family know now, we are very grateful to Master Choa Kok Sui for putting together this amazing technology available to anyone who is open and interested, and all the Masters and Instructors for teaching it in its purity and co-students for being there at the courses, many of whom are friends to this day!

Lawrence Lavalle – Milton

I had hyperacidity problem due to hiatus hernia since many years. I had spasm in upper back, neck and shoulder. It is amazing, after the first distant healing with Anupam I felt very light, pain free and without any problems.  After A few healings, I don’t have any acidity. My neck, upper back and shoulder are also pain free. Now I take precautions to avoid any further problems. But the healing helped me a lot.

Dapinder – Australia

I feel very grateful to be part of the Associateship program under Antjie Halim’s mentorship and supervision.
It’s been an intense training for me as I committed to do as much practice and studying as practically possible in the time between our in-class weekends. The in-class weekends offer many opportunities to practice under Antjie’s keen eye, honing various techniques and get clarifications and answers to questions. This training has also created a sense of camaraderie among the group which brings an extra layer of support in this journey.

Thank you for the opportunity, Iryna

A big THANK YOU to you and pranic healing. On Sunday you have performed healing demo on my right knee (a sport injury from one year ago) and I found nothing changed at that moment.
That night after my game when I reached home, my knee was less hurting. I waited till morning and I felt much better than any other day after the game. This is the proof it worked, as you mentioned sometimes results are not immediate.

Bala K.

I was introduced to Pranic Healing by a distant relative.
I have had left Sacro-iliac joint pain for the last 30 years. This pain has gradually got worse and has resulted into a degenerative kypho- scoliosis of my spine. Presently, I also have Osteoarthritis of both knees and a bony growth on my left shoulder joint which is painful and restricts my movements. This has resulted into a depression.

On a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is no pain and 10 is extreme pain, the pain occasionally crossed the limits of 10 and moved up to 15.
Sometime in mid August I decided to seek help from a Pranic healer. I also was a participant at the Basic Pranic Healing workshop with Antjie Halim in early September. All throughout the workshop, we were seated on folding chairs, which in normal circumstances does not agree with my back. In the beginning of the first day, I was a bit uncomfortable but as the day progressed, I noticed the pain disappeared. On day 2 as well, I was pretty comfortable.

I have been receiving a few distant healing sessions with Ms. Anna MacLeod since the last week of August. Initially, I felt quite painful and sore but still persevered with my healing. For the past week, I have noticed a tremendous change. The pain has become much tolerable. It is now hovering around 3 to 4/10. My mind is less foggy and I have been very cheerful and happy. People around me have noticed a definite change in me and my behaviour. Pranic Healing has definitely helped me and I have faith that it will continue to do so.

Geeta Vora

“We had a wonderful experience at the Basic Pranic Healing Course taught by Antjie Halim. Antjie did not simply deliver the content of the course but delivered it with grace, passion, authenticity and compassion. Her kindness and warmth as an individual fostered a supportive learning environment and enabled the course to be both compelling and meaningful. She made sure to accommodate the learning needs of all students, regardless of the level of the student, paying individual attention to each and every individual to ensure that all students applied the techniques correctly. We found that her extensive experience and broad knowledge in psychology, and a wide variety of spiritual and holistic practices added depth and additional insight into the concepts and teachings of Pranic Healing. We would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn about how Pranic Healing can be used in everyday life to solve all sorts of challenges, whether physical, emotional or psychological.
Thank you once again Antjie”


I started learning Pranic Healing back in 2006 in Tehran, Iran. In 2010, I met Antjie for the first time at a Twin Hearts meditation group in Toronto. Since then she has  been mentoring me. If it wasn’t because of her I wouldn’t be where I am now. She helped me alot throughout the years and pushed me to become better version of myself. I’m very grateful and happy to have her as my mentor. She puts a lot of time, love and passion into supporting her students, which is hard to find. One of the things I have learned from her is to be more discerning and to keep MCKS teachings in my heart and share them with purity.
With love, respect and gratitude

Ariana Kantouri
Certified Associate Pranic Healer , RMT

I drove (to Ottawa) from downtown Toronto to take Advanced Pranic Healing, and it was totally worth the drive. Faye is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, and patient. She went over concepts with us and had us practice until we felt confident. I would highly recommend taking a course or having a Pranic Healing session with her. I feel like I have been given a great gift.

Mara M – Toronto

It is very important for me to review and repeat the courses. Every time I repeat the Basic course or any of the advanced courses- I always find something new to learn or something I was not aware before. Every review helps me to grow and progress as a Pranic Healer as well personally. I understand the Teachings with ever greater depth, their practical daily applications and moreover I become more sensitive to the Energy and the presence of the Teacher.

Anna M.- Toronto 


I have just completed the Basic Prana Healing course. The information presented over the two 8hr days was concise and presented in an easy-to-follow manner. I have taken numerous healing courses in the past and always felt like I was still lacking in either technique or practical knowledge come the course end. This course left me feeling that I had learned some of the greatest secrets in the world, and I left feeling confident in my newfound knowledge. The hands-on practice really made a difference, and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to “FEEL” the energy.  Faye is a great instructor and her relaxed manner and vast knowledge made it a fun as well as an enlightening experience.

Greg Jackson  –  Ottawa, ON


I didn’t know anything about Pranic Healing until I attended a free introductory healing clinic offered by Antjie Halim at our center. For a number of years I’ve been suffering a lot of pain in my knee. Faye did a treatment on me for about 20 minutes and I couldn’t believe the results. During treatment I felt a vibration in my knee and a lot of heat. After treatment I felt a huge improvement. Plus a lot of energy. I believe Faye’s gentle and caring personality did play a huge role in the healing process. I was so impressed with the result that I’ve shared this experience with my friends. Thanks so much.

Marie, St. John’s NFD, November 2014

My daughter was born on October 6th 2012. We had a natural home birth in mind and everything was going very well, but after 10 hours of sweet & intense labor, our midwife announced that we had to go to the hospital to get the epidural because my cervix was swollen and stuck at 7cm (for more than 4 hours). Before leaving home, I asked my midwife to explain the exact problem to my friend Faye on the phone. Faye did an amazing Pranic Healing job! Less than one hour later, when we arrived at the hospital, the swelling was gone and we got Nina completely naturally very soon after! So grateful for the miraculous help! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Veronique Fournier, April 2013

After 20 years of avoiding many foods due to severe food sensitivities, I have been able to add some of these foods back into my diet and am still working on being able to add more. Pranic Healing has also helped me tremendously with a 26 year old knee injury. Since receiving Pranic Healing I have been relatively free from pain as well as not having to rely on a walking stick when walking on cement or uneven ground.

Linda Willis, Payroll Representative

In August 2012 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. I sustained broken ribs, arm, and collar bone, a collapsed lung, and a bleed in the brain. I lost my short-term memory as a result. The three specialists who worked on me in the ICU over the first three days told my family doctor they did not think I would survive.

When Faye Healey started doing healing on me regularly, the doctors were extremely surprised at how well I recovered. It took some months to heal, but with Faye’s treatments I completely recovered and do not experience any issues from the accident. Thanks to Faye and Pranic Healing, I believe her treatment saved my life.

David, Sudbury, ON

In 1996, when I was 16, I was diagnosed with depression with suicidal tendencies, having attempted twice to end my life. I went on to try a variety of traditional anti-depression treatments, including prescription drugs and counselling therapies – nothing helped.

In the fall of 2000, I attended the Basic Pranic Healing course, taught by Antjie Halim. During the Basic course I was taught the Twin Hearts meditation. I began to attend Antjie’s weekly Twin Hearts meditation and Pranic healing clinic. Each time that I would do the Twin Hearts meditation I experienced a deep sense of inner peace, love, joy and healing. The Twin Hearts meditation, along with regular Pranic Healing sessions, have been extremely effective in treating the depression symptoms. Ten years later, now, in 2010, I still continue to practice the Twin Hearts meditation daily and in-fact hold my own weekly Twin Hearts meditation group. People that have met me within the last few years are shocked to hear that I ever suffered from depression. Today, because of the Twin Hearts meditation I am an incredibly happy, joyful person, who fully lives and loves life.

Thank you to Master Choa Kok Sui, for the beautiful Twin Hearts Meditation, it has truly changed my life and the lives of many others for the best!

Jessika Elizabeth Rutnik

When my cervix had not dilated after 24 hours of labour, Pranic Healing increased my contractions from five minutes to two minutes within half-an-hour. The mid-wives were impressed

Monique Lee, Team Coordinator

My 12-yr-old son was awaiting surgery for a nasty ingrown toenail, the result of a sports injury, after several months of painful inflammation and infection. Pranic Healing sessions with Faye eased my son’s pain before the surgery. During a consultation with his Chiropodist, I explained that he had a Pranic Healer as part of his medical team prior to, during, and after the surgery. The Chiropodist looked forward to seeing the results. After the surgery she was pleased to inform us that the normal recovery rate of 5-6 weeks had been shortened to 2 weeks, and he was cleared to return to sports. Faye continues to be an integral member of our son’s health team.

Tonya Marcotte

I was laid off from work. On the next full moon meditation, according to the teaching of Kriyashakti, I petitioned for a job in a clean environment, on day shift, at a certain wage, starting the following week. I got a job that fulfilled these criteria the next week. My petition has manifested 100% just as I asked for.

Jacob Dingman, Electrician

A pain I had for years on the left side of my head is gone after two Pranic Healing sessions. During these sessions, I could feel the pain moving out of my body. It is now totally gone.

Arlette Greau, Mother/Secretary

In my occupation as a chef I injured my shoulder three years ago lifting a large package. I was diagnosed with tendonitis, and treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, physiotherapy and massage therapy over the course of the next year. The treatments were partially effective, providing 60% relief. The real breakthrough came with Pranic Healing. After two Pranic Healing treatments for my shoulder I have 100% mobility again with total and lasting pain relief.

Vera Keyes, Chef

After suffering from fibromyalgia for almost ten years, and not finding much help through conventional medicine, I was willing to try alternative methods of healing. I have found Pranic Healing very helpful in relaxing me, and relieving some of my pain. I have also found that after some time it has increased my level of energy, which is very welcome, as the fatigue with F.M. is sometimes worse than the pain! Many thanks!

Linda Snook, Artist

Having tried different modalities in energy work, I am still humbled by the power of this technique. As a student of Pranic Healing I am experiencing the most direct and comprehensive method of working with chakras and the energy field. This work has proven tome to be the safest environment to be in as a healer and energy worker. It is a life changing experience. Pranic Healing has touched me on all levels. I highly recommend this course to anyone.

Anne Marie Norris, Mother/Student

I had a severe burn on my leg from a hot iron. It was not healing and looked like I might need a skin graft. After a friend performed Pranic Healing on me, I found the pain greatly reduced and soon after I was told I would not need a skin graft after all.

Natalie Clarke-Neal, Guelph, ON

Pranic Healing is life changing and eye opening. It is the most professional, precise, and practical of all the healing modalities I have learned. It answered questions I had that other modalities did not. It’s not just about healer-client, rather it has become a part of my daily life and I use it to take care of myself, my family and environment. I am thankful everyday for Pranic Healing. When my daughter was bit by a dog the Pranic Healer in me took over. Before she could stand up from the ground the bleeding stopped. While we waited many a long time in the hospital for a plastic surgeon, she remained calm and hummed songs (I was amazed because she is usually a very dramatic child). She did not have nor needed any pain medication. I continued to apply Pranic Healing to keep the swelling down. The bite was so bad I could not imagine my daughter ever looking the same again, but before the week ended all stitches had dissolved and one could hardly believe she had beenthrough such an ordeal. Now, on the outside of her lips she has faint scarsand on the inside the scars are gone and she continues to love, cuddle and hug dogs. Pranic Healing is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Thank you Antjie for being the most professional and passionate teacher that I have known in the holistic field. You take great pride and pleasure in your teaching and it shows. I have learned so much and have grown as a person. With respect.

Lori O’Neill, Wife/Mother/Pranic Healer, Windsor, ON

My daughter was constantly going from one job to another without being hired. On my petition during a full moon meditation, I asked that she be hired at her current job. Two weeks later she was hired on full time.

S. Skinner, Postal Employee, Guelph, ON

My dog had hotspots (patches of moist, ulcerated areas of skin, extremely itchy and painful with a serious discharge that crusts over.) I took him to the vets on a Friday. She said that it was the worst hotspot she had ever seen. He was given antibiotics. I spent the next 2 days giving him healings every 2-4 hours. I took him back to the vets on Monday to see how he was reacting to the drugs. It was a different vet. He told me that my dog was coming along fine. Then he asked if I had any antibiotics left. I explained that we were just getting started. He looked up from the report in astonishment. He was amazed how well the wound had healed, he thought it was at least two weeks old. I was very pleased, and proud.

S. Skinner, Pranic Healer, Guelph, ON

After years of suffering from severe allergies and acid reflux and receiving minimal relief from traditional medicine, I decided to give Pranic Healing a try. I was amazed at the results! My acid reflux decreased immediately and slowly my allergic symptoms dissipated as well. I was eventually able to add new foods to my diet and spend time outdoors in the spring despite having a chronic pollen allergy. Faye’s understanding manner and her willingness to take the time to answer my questions always put me at ease. Also, the option of receiving distant healing sessions was convenient and helpful. I highly recommend Faye Healey and urge others to give Pranic Healing a try.

Debra F., Ottawa, ON

We have been given an amazing gift from Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Through his books/courses he has given us instructions that are simple to follow and understand, yet they are very technical and precise at the same time. He has simply put it into words a powerful technique that we all can easily learn and use. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has no ulterior motives but the pure hearted desire to let all of humanity know this important truth. Respectfully and with Gratitude

Jaana, St.Catharines, ON

On my 54th birthday, I took stock in where I was heading health-wise. My mom was dying of COPD and congestive heart failure and my brain nagged me that I needed to quit my worst habit, or else I knew I would go the same way as mom.

I decided to try distant Pranic Healing with Faye Healey (I live in Thailand). I won’t lie, at first it was not easy. I craved my 30+ year ‘friend’, and I longed to feel the burn on my throat and get the lift from the nicotine. But I kid you not, with Faye working on me in regular intervals, and checking on my progress, problems, etc, I never got to the point where I broke down and smoked.

When my digestion acted up, or other problems flared up as my body recovered, I told her, she worked on them, and lo and behold the problems went away! When I asked her to help me steer clear of junkie foods I wanted to use as substitutes, again, she worked her PH magic.

I forgot why I ever wanted to smoke, even though everyone around me is still smoking!

I would recommend Faye to anyone who is finally ready to give it up and embrace a healthier way of life.

It has been 10 months now and I just don’t want cigarettes anymore. My skin is better, my 10-year cough went away overnight, and I can breathe and smell again! I really thank Faye for being there in my time of need. She always listened to my obstacles, then worked directly to remove them. She is simply…amazing. Pranic Healing is amazing!

Annie, Thailand

My 74-year-old husband had a few strokes that were not recognized, so he was not taken to a hospital until the 5th day after the first stroke. His right leg had become paralyzed except for small toe wigglings. His right arm was weak. His mind had made some progress, but not his body. Although my husband finds it hard to believe in something he cannot see or feel, after four Pranic Healing treatments with Faye over a period of six days, coupled with physiotherapy, his mind seems to be back to what it was before, and his right arm is almost there. He can lift his leg halfway to his chest, lying down. With the help of his arms, he is now able to stand up, sit down and walk with a walker.

Sarah, Guelph ON

Some time ago I was cooking with a iron frying pan and absent-mindedly grabbed the handle with my right hand, instantly burning my hand. It instantly blistered and I was in serious pain. Faye started doing distant healing on my hand about ten minutes later. Without telling her, she knew which hand I had burned! After 15 minutes the pain was 99.9% gone! The pain went from 10/10 to less than 1/10. At this point, Faye asked me to show her the blisters on FaceTime. I held up my hand and was shocked to find that in 15 minutes of healing they were gone!


On Twin Hearts Meditation

I’ve experimented with a few different styles of meditation over the past several years, but none have had such an immediate and profound effect on me as Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts. From the very first experience I was able to feel my heart and crown chakras activate and allow the energy to flow to where it was needed. It is such an efficient and effective way to bring more peace, harmony and clarity into my life on a daily basis. I’ve been practicing this meditation up to five times per week since January of 2012, and have seen many improvements in my mental health, my family life, my business and my community. It is such a gift to be able to share tremendous amounts of healing energy with my family, friends, clients and the earth. Meditation on Twin Hearts has become a staple of my personal health maintenance program, and my service to mother earth and humanity. I continue to invite family and friends to join me whenever possible.

Nancy Dougherty, St.Catharines

I usually try to do my TH meditation in the morning as I find it starts well the day. I have noticed that when I do not do my TH meditation in the morning my day seems to be a little bit more abrasive than usual. I have less patience towards my work colleagues and I seem to be irritated more easily.
A while ago I got into a car accident where my car was declared a total loss and the driver behind me was completely responsible for this accident. On the evening of the accident, when I got back home, I decided to do a second TH meditation even though I had done one in the morning. I remembered from my Pranic Healing class how the TH meditation is powerful at cleaning our “negativity”, and this was a perfect situation to put it to the test. So I did my meditation, and also blessed the driver who was responsible for this accident. This is also something that is taught to us in our Pranic Healing class, to clear up rapidly negative situations to bless even if we do not feel like it.

Well, let me tell you that I got to experience firsthand the power of those two tools together (TH meditation and blessing). By the next morning I was totally calm, I was not upset at the driver and actually was able to go to work and do my work as if nothing had happened. The best part for me was that I did not carry any feeling of resentment towards the other driver which before I would have had.
ll this to say that I now am a firm believer in the gentle power of the TH meditation and consider it a great tool to use to begin my day and help me as well with negative situations that may occur during the day.

Camille Des Lauriers, Ottawa

I ended up in the hospital for four days and discovered I was a diabetic. I was in a room with a man with all kinds of ailments. He was restless and in a lot of pain because he had kidney stones and a large one was stuck. So he was waiting for the operation to remove them.

I tried to do a healing on him, but didn`t know where to begin. Then I remembered Master Nona saying how powerful the Twin Hearts meditation is, and that we can play it for individuals that need healing. So I played it for him, I did not tell him what I was doing. Right after the end of the meditation, he told me that all his nervousness was gone, and that he felt the best since he got into the hospital. Then I meditated and was guided to use EV and I saw the energy turning into crystals and breaking up the kidney stone. Within two hours he had passed 16 small stones.

In the next room was a family grieving because their mother was passing away. The atmosphere in the hospital felt restless and stressed, so I played the cd for the grieving family and for the whole hospital and staff. The energy became very peaceful, and the people became affectionate and respectful. I was overjoyed and thankful that I could be of service, THM truly is a gift from the Great Ones. Thank You Master

Henry Fehr, London, ON

After the Basic Pranic Healing course, I thought I would try doing the Twin Hearts Meditation daily until the next course. I ended up doing it every other day but I did practice it regularly.

What surprised me was how much it opened me up to divine energy. I have been practicing Integrated Energy Therapy for over a year, channelling angel energies – and yet this opened me further. When I do the Twin Hearts Meditation, I can feel my crown chakra spinning and opening up. It often makes me tear up (in a good way), and smile spontaneously.

People I hadn’t seen in a while would stare at me and said they didn’t know what I had been doing, but it was obviously agreeing with me – I looked different.
The other noticeable thing that happened was in my household – my kids especially all suddenly wanted to be together to do things where they would never occupy the same room together before – they have different interests and are at different ages (14, 19 and 22) and two have partially moved out. But I suddenly realized they were talking more, watched tv together, and we went out one night to dinner and laughed and enjoyed each other so much we had others in the restaurant looking on and admiring our family! Everyone in the house is just more content and cooperative, including me. I always picture my household along with the earth at the end of the twin hearts when releasing excess energy and it seems to have had an effect.

Last Friday I had a couple of my old office mates over for dinner. They have not been to my house since I started doing this meditation. Both of them could not stop commenting on how peaceful they felt and my house felt. But I have lived here for years and physically nothing has changed.

When I feel low or things seem off, I just do this meditation and things turn around immediately. I also know when I have gone too long without it, for life will get a little more challenging.

I truly believe that Master’s energy comes through us when we do this meditation. Whenever I go out in public after the Twin Heart Meditation, I think people look at me more and are more friendly – complete strangers will just start talking to me.

K.Lemmon, ON

Superbrain Yoga

I did have a JK child say to me today, after she did a super job with her phonic sounds of y, x, ch, sh and th- in other words hard sounds for that age group say to me after I praised her for great work and how well she had done…………..she looked at me in the eye and said “that’s the super brain yoga, it’s making me smarter.”

I was talking to Jackie today at a bday party, she was telling me how she saw her daughter doing some meditation moves (sitting with hands on knees and eyes closed at home) so she asked her what she was doing and she commented yoga for my brain.

So just now I asked Joshua about what he learned in school and he told me and showed me what he did and said he like doing it. You know mornings with Joshaua, but this morning he hadn’t come out of his room, so I went to check and it was quiet, so I peeked in and he was sitting on his bed meditating. When he came out I asked him what he was doing and he said getting my brain ready for school. Amazing